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Living Wills

An alternative to an LPA (personal)

Why would you want to consider an alternative to the LPA (personal)?

Two possible reasons:

So what exactly is a Living Will? It's technical name is an Advanced Directive (AD), because you are making your wishes (directives) known in advance.

Every competent individual has a right to refuse treatment or to state circumstances in which they would not wish treatment to be offered to them. It is recognised that such wishes can be formally recorded in an Advanced Directive ("the Directive"). This is a document where your refusal of certain specific treatments or circumstances in which you would not want treatment to be offered are set out.

It is also worth noting that Living Wills are now recognised in Law, and as such are binding upon the medical profession, where previously they were not.

Two Things to Remember:

In other words neither is a perfect answer, and you must make your choice, now, based on your best instincts, and good advice from family and friends. If you can avoid it, do not make the choice on cost alone, but rather on your instincts of what feels right and best for you.

Will Writing & LPA's are not regulated by the FCA.

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