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Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

Other than a Will, the LPA (property) is singularly the most important document that every adult ought to have. Without it, if incapacity strikes you down, your family will have to dealing with the Court of Protection. A body which has been called evil by many people for how it's decisions destroy families all under the guise of the Mental Health Act. The expense alone of dealing with the Court of Protection makes the cost of setting up a LPA positively miniscule in comparison.

Via a LPA (property) people can nominate someone they trust to make decisions for them, about their property and financial affairs, and with a LPA (personal welfare) even medical and health matters, at a time in the future when they might not have the capacity to make them for themselves. For example due to the onset of dementia, a stroke, accident or simply old age.

But to make such an arrangement the donor needs to have the capacity to understand now, as later may be too late, forcing family to make an expensive and complicated application to the Court of Protection. However the donor may include a restriction that the LPA (property) can only be used at a time in the future when they lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves. The LPA (personal) can only be used once the donor has lost capacity.

But in some cases it may be easier for them to give someone the power of a LPA (property) now, to carry out tasks such as paying their bills or collecting their benefits or other income. This might be useful for lots of reasons i.e. the Donor might find it difficult to get about, or to talk on the telephone, or might be out of the country for long periods of time, or they may just feel no longer able to cope with modern life.

So although the main purpose of an LPA is to give voice to the "incapacitated", it can be extremely useful at other times as well.

The amount of interest in the LPA (personal) has surprised us all. However research seems to suggest that the answer lies with the fact that many people, especially those of mature years, have become disenchanted with medical decision making, and the quality of treatment being given. Whilst many also want to avoid being kept alive artificially, when there is no real hope of a proper recovery, and they are left being an emotional burden upon their families.

Put simply, more and more people are now looking to effect some element of control over their lives, via someone they trust, at a time when they are unable to communicate their own wishes. Before the existence of such instruments, if we became incapacitated we were largely at the mercy of the state and of institutions. With the creation of the LPA this no longer has to be the case, provided we act early enough.

Family Wills Surrey Will Writers are particularly proud of the unique low cost LPA service we have created specially for the pensioners in our communities. Contact your local Family Wills Surrey adviser who will send you our free LPA information pack that will help make a complicated subject so much easier to understand.

Read Heather Bateman's story in her own words.

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