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Secure Professional Will Storage

Once you have made your Will, it is important that it is kept in a safe and secure place.

At home there is a considerable risk of accidental loss, burglary or destruction by fire, flood or tampering over the many years your Will is likely to be stored for. If you cannot find your original Will it is deemed that you have not made one. A copy is not acceptable proof of a Will.

We are able to arrange professional storage via Kings Court Trust Ltd.

Why Kings Court?

Kings Court Trust Ltd, based in Bath, offers a friendly, professional and client-focused Will storage and Estate Administration Service. Each Will is stored in a safe and secure storage facility and is clearly marked with a unique reference number. Your will is insured against loss or damage, and is registered with WillData, the National Will Database, to ensure your Will can be found at the time of your death.

Benefits Include:

Certificate of Custody & Executor Cards

You will receive a certificate of custody with WillData registration and executor ID cards. For security reasons the Executors cannot retrieve your will unless they apply in writing and enclose a copy of the death certificate.

Where the appointed Executors are 'lay persons' such as your surviving spouse or children they will be offered a free help-line with the opportunity to talk to one of the Kings Court Probate experts.

Dispatch of documents is normally 24-48 hours from receipt of a retrieval notice along with supporting proof of identity and a copy of the death certificate. In case of death, Wills are only sent via guaranteed or registered post.

We can offer an annual or Lifetime Storage option to give you complete peace of mind about the long term storage of your Will. If you would like to discuss your options or arrange storage for your Will, please get in touch.

Will Writing & LPA's are not regulated by the FCA.

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